20 Reasons Why Nice Guys Actually Finish First

Everyone has heard the statement, “nice guys finish last.”  As someone who has been in a relationship with a sincere, caring, good-hearted guy for quite some time, I couldn’t disagree more.  Here are 20 reasons why bad boys won’t be getting to the finish line for quite some time:

20. Angry Ex Girlfriends

bitch slap

Chances are, if you’re good to a woman, you won’t end up with a handful of disapproval.

19. Long Term Success

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Going through girl after girl probably means bad boys have short term goals.  Nice guys who are committed to their relationships are usually committed to long term goals, like college and a job, as well.

18. Who Doesn’t Like a Polite Guy?


“I want a guy who has no manners,” said no girl ever.

17. They’re Honest

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I’ve never heard of a bad boy who thinks honesty is the best policy…or who wants to listen to any policy at all, for that matter.

16. Not Everyone Likes Muscles

muscles pic

Teddy bears make much better cuddle buddies than rocks.

15. They Care


If you have a bad day, they never give you the “I’m too busy” text.

14. It’s Less Fighting

couple probs

Having an arrogant or conceded boyfriend can lead to a lot of arguments in relationships.

13.  Nice Clothes are Sexy

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Leather jackets? No thanks.

12. They’re Loyal

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Players may think they’re winning by sleeping around…until she finds out.

11. They Have Good Reputations

joan jett

You know you’ve dated a bad boy when you say the name of your ex and everyone’s response is, “I’m so sorry.”

10. It’s Not All About Sex

adult sleepover

A loving boyfriend is always okay with just going out to dinner or staying in watching a movie.

9. They’re Not Hesitant With the “L-Word”

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Nice guys will say they love you right back, and mean it too.

8. They’ll be Silly With You


My bad boy ex liked to smooth-talk with me.  My nice guy boyfriend and I can spend hours making bad puns.

7. It’s not all About Looks

hot guy meme

A bad boy is always focused on how good he wants you to look. A good guy will think you look amazing when you just got out of bed.

6. Better Pet Names

petnames meme

“Honey” or “sweetheart” just feels a lot more loving than something like “babe” or “hottie”

cars meme

5. Your Parents Will Love Him

meeting parents

When it comes time to meet the family, Mom and Dad love a good guy who treats their daughter well.

4. And so Will Your Friends

thumbs up

When they meet him, they won’t tell you to break up with him when he leaves the room.

3. They Love Helping Others

helping shark

Guys who are caring and gentle to things other than their hair are always a keeper.

2. They Don’t Care as Much About Material Things

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Bad boys may have nice things, but what did he buy you for your birthday?

1. They’re Actually Nice Guys

cute couple

A real nice guy doesn’t have to tell you that he’s a “nice guy.”


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