5 Reasons Why Fraternity Rush Is Better Than Sorority Rush

Boys vs. Girls. Ever since the beginning of time, males and females have competed for the title of Best Gender. From shouting out the saying “Boys Rule Girls Drool” in preschool, to girls running away from guys screaming, “EW, boys have cooties!” , there has always been this inherent sense of competition between the two sexes.

Since fraternity and sorority rush season is upon us, let’s examine which gender wins the age-old bragging rights competition to whom can stake the claim to having the best rush process.

5. The Amount of Walking Around Campus- 

Girls just walk house to house in their dresses in the Greek Lot.



Guy just walk house to house in khaki shorts and polos in the Greek Lot.


Advantage: Push


4. The Bid Day Traditions

For the most part, sororities have far more unique rituals and traditions when it comes to their rush process. That statement most certainly holds true at Texas Christian University. On Bid Day for girls, each new pledge class sprints up the hill in the Campus Commons. While it sounds harmless at first, there’s video evidence that would display quite the opposite.

Take a quick peek at the 24 second-mark, 31 second-mark, 39 second-mark, and 55 second-mark, and you’ll see that this casual run to your sorority can turn hazardous in the blink of an eye.

However, the guys’ bid day happens to be a calm, almost soothing experience. A guy can expect to walk up to the Student Affairs Office, sign with his favorite fraternity that offered him a bid and then cooly walk over to the Greek Lot, where he meets his new brothers.


Advantage: Guys


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