5 Reasons Why YOU Should be Single in College

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Now, now, don’t be misconstrued… just about every college girl wishes for a guy to hold her at night, cheer her up when she’s upset about an exam or bring her flowers on Valentine’s Day (Instagram: #BestBoyfEver). If not for these sorry excuses, every girl is at least looking for a consistent hookup. But let’s be real- this is college. You have your whole life to be tied down, now is not the time! Here’s just a couple reasons why college is the best time to be single.


 1.    You’re Able to Take Chances

College is one of the only times when you are able to think for you and only you. Your decisions influence you (… maybe your parents credit card) and pretty much- you can do whatever the hell you want! Having a significant other leads to frequent check-ins, compromises of plans and arguments over insignificant bullshit (“you said you were going to come over, why are you watching the game with your friend? uhm”). In college you are provided with millions of new experiences, good and bad (some very bad- tequila- no), and you will learn and grow from each of them. Don’t let someone keep you from experiencing college. Keep this in mind, if you were provided the opportunity to study abroad tomorrow, would you want to give anyone else consideration on your decision? Hell no.




2.    You Gain More Sexual Experience

First let me say, protection is always key. With that being said, you can always lie about “your number”. College is your time to experiment and find out what it is you like and don’t like (but those stories are for another time). It’s best to try out different types of guys (and girls)- you’ll be surprised as to what you’ll find. Personally I’ve had my share of athletes and frat boys and found that “nerdier” guys can be more fun (and freakier). Play the field! One day, before you know it (lord help), you’ll be waking up next to the same person every morning. Have your fun while you can. Also, you’ll probably never be as good looking as you are now… so take advantage of it.




 3.    You Gain Guy Friends

Some of my best friends in college are guys. I can honestly say that some know me and understand me more than my girl friends. A friendship with a guy is entirely different than a friendship with a girl, laid-back and drama-free. It is extremely important (in my opinion) to find a guy who you can trust entirely, who you know will be there for you if its 4 in the morning and you want to take a bottle to the face just because you had a rough day. Guy friends can even be equivalent to a boyfriend: there for you when you need a friend, make you feel important, and uhm … if you’ve got the right type of friend… take care of your needs. But best of all about these guy friends that are like boyfriends, THEY’RE NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND! You don’t have to worry about what they’re doing or saying, you’re each living your own lives and just enjoying each other’s company. If you have a boyfriend in college you will never be provided the opportunity to build these intimate (and I don’t mean sexually) friendships with guys, you will never be exposed to a different, really special, kind of friend. You think your boyfriend would be okay with you going over your guy friends house to watch a movie and talk about nothing for hours (while you ignore his consistent texts)? I think not.


4.    You Gain Girlfriends

Everyone knows the girl who gets a boyfriend and drops off the face of the Earth. I’d say about 95% of the time that is every girl. You become infatuated in a new relationship and don’t realize that you are neglecting those who were there for you before the new boyfriend came along. Trust me, I’ve fallen victim to this myself. I look back and think to myself, “Damn, I was that girl… Idiot”. More than likely, your college boyfriend isn’t your soul mate nor will he be your husband (you probably won’t even make it through cuff season), spend this time making memories with your girls. Get blacked out drunk and eat too much pizza, hate yourself for it in the morning and then continue on with your life. As cliche as it sounds (can’t believe I’m actually quoting this, I hate myself) “college is your time to find your bridesmaids, not your husband”.


& most importantly


5.    You Find Out Who You Are

College is all about being on your own and finding out what the rest of your life looks like. If you’ve got a boy standing in your view you’ll never get a chance to fully find yourself.


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