5 Types Of Poor You’ll Experience In College University Primetime

There are lots of different types of broke you can experience in college. Whether it’s physically being broke and dividing one meal to last the entire day, to being emotionally broke. If you didn’t go into school with these experiences, you’ll definitely learn them along the way before graduation.

1. Comfort Poor- College can be expensive between textbooks and meal plans. It doesn’t give a lot of room for other fun purchases we like to make. From drinking on the weekend to going to dinner with friends, you may not always be able to afford these amenities.

2. Love Poor- This is the time where you’re still single, but surrounded by relationships. You’ll experience what it’s like to be alone and independent. The benefits of this is, once you do find someone you’ll truly appreciate them, because you will know what it’s like without them.

3. Friendship Poor- Going from your hometown, where you’ve been surrounded by the same people for the last 13 years, to college can be scary. You’re leaving all the friends you have known and venturing out alone. It may even take time to find new people to form a strong bond with. The time you experienced not having friends that you can trust, will teach you what qualities are in a true friend.

4. Incentive Poor- School work is hard and tedious. It’s a lot to handle day after day, and soon you may lack the motivation it takes to keep getting things done. This type of poor can lead to procrastination and laziness. It may take some time to realize why you’re in school and what you’re working towards.

5. Triumph Poor- You won’t always succeed in college, and that’s the way life is. To feel good about your accomplishments, you’ll have to know what failure feels like first. If you get rejected from one internship, there may be a better one waiting for you. If we all started on top, there would be no growth.


I am a senior at SUNY Poly studying Business Administration and Marketing. My best writing stems from wine and pizza.

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