61 Thoughts While Riding The Train

Most people have taken the train whether it’s coming home from college or visiting a friend/place. This means that most people have also experienced the people of the train, which can be pretty entertaining.


1. I have a love hate relationship with riding the train alone

2. I hope there’s an open seat

3. Omg yes, what a stroke of luck!

4. I hope this guy doesn’t sit next to me

5. Please don’t sit next to me

6. Please don’t… Ugh ok never mind

7. I hope he doesn’t try to talk to me

8. Well… I spoke too soon

9. Yeah the weathers good, train rides suck, blah blah blah

10. I really hate small talk

11. Why does it have to be a thing???

12. And why am I so awkward?

13. I just want to listen to music and sleep

14. Maybe if I just nod and smile he will take the hint

15. Well, that was easier than I anticipated

16. Ok, time to untangle my headphones

17. This is so fun… Not

18. How do headphones get in such crazy knots I’m so confused

19. They should make headphones that don’t tangle

20. I should make headphones that don’t tangle

21. Million dollar idea

22. Eh too much work I’ll stick to Netflix

23. There’s WiFi on this train? God bless

24. I wonder where everyone’s going on here

25. Hmmm the guy with the Yankees shirt on is probably going to NYC

26. Stereotypical of me? Yes.

27.Why did I pick the window seat? I have to go to the bathroom

28. Wait this guy is sleeping, shit.

29. Now I have to hold it

30. This is cruel and unusual punishment

31. Eh I’ll check twitter to distract myself


32. Oooooh a pug in a firefighters costume

33. Aw it’s so cute

34. I miss my dog

35. How much longerrrrrrrr

36. I’m dyin’ here

37. And this guy did not use deodorant today, yikes

38. Hygiene man, hygiene

39. Sure you can plug your phone in and stretch the cord across me

40. I don’t mind.

41. Lol I wonder if he’d judge me if I snapchatted right now

42. Would that be weird?

43. Slightly.

44. I’m going to wait until he leaves to do it

45. This guy across from me is googling artwork

46. Anddddd que the crying baby

47. Get me out of here plzzzz

48. This persons phone is ringing on the highest volume… Is this a joke?

50. Don’t answer it I beg you

51. Or answer it…

52. Huh I think it’s his wife… Or his mom

53. So far I’ve learned he’s having pizza for dinner, that’s cool

54. Wait… And wings

55. He prefers mild over hot

56. Good to know… Not.

57. I wonder if he notices he’s yelling on the phone

58. God help me

*Conductor comes on the speaker*  “We have arrived in Utica, NY”


60. I’ve never been so happy to be home

61. People of Amtrak, it’s been real.

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