College According To Jennifer Lawrence

We fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence when she graced the screen as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series, but we fell even more in love when we realized how great of a person she is. After all, who else could shrug off a fall at the Oscars better than she did? She’s an incredible actress and an even better role model for young girls struggling with body image and for this she is an amazing individual. While she by no means lives a normal life, her moments in the spotlight actually prove that she’s more like a college student than one might think.

14. When you don’t understand in class… You’ve just listened to your professor talk for thirty whole minutes about you don’t even know what and now you get to try some problems on your own. Greeeaaaattttt.Don't Work Right GIF13. When you’re watching all your classes disappear on registration day… It’s okay you didn’t need to take that lab, or that class for your major, or that class required for graduation. It’s okay.

Class Gone GIF

12. When you have lazy Saturdays… It’s so easy to just stay in bed all day and it only gets easier in college.

French Fries GIF

11. When you try to flirt… You finally see that cute guy in your english class out at the bars and all you want to do is talk to him. You’ve got planned in your head what you’re going to say but then your mind goes blank so you just end up walking by and winking instead… And then you ask yourself “Did I really just do that?”

Wink GIF

10. When you try to eat healthy in the dining hall… This is as close to impossible as it gets. There’s just too many french fries and cookies around for a diet to even be possible.

Diet GIF

9. When you try to eat food in class.. Nobody can do this without either getting food everywhere or being that annoying person in class who chews louder than a Mack truck.

Altoids GIF

8. When you’re getting ready to go out… You can’t look amazing every night and some nights you’re just too lazy to put an outfit together… so you make your friends do it for you.

Dresses GIF


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