CU Boulder Kappa Sigma Threw The Most Legendary College Party In History

I honestly don’t know what to say. If there is one word to describe this video, it would be AMAZING. We’ve posted thousands of party videos over the years on and in years of being around I have NEVER seen a video like this. Absolutely LIT. Smoking hot girls everywhere, a giant pool, students raging everywhere. Kappa Sigma deserves a MAJOR shout out for hosting such a legendary party that they call Beachapalooza. All I know is that next year I am booking my flight to CU Boulder to attend this event. The real question is this. WHO IS THE GIRL AT THE 22 SECOND MARK?!?! Talk about total smokeshow. If anyone knows who she is, slide into our DM’s on Instagram @UPrimetime. Calling it now that girl is going to be famous one day.  All jokes aside, CU Boulder Kappa Sigma crushed it. Absolutely EPIC. If you’re a CU Boulder student reading this article, SHARE with fellow students and be proud! CU Boulder represent! Before checking out the epic video below, FOLLOW us on Instagram –> @UPrimetime for more awesome content.


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