Confession: My Roommate Is Awful And Here’s My Story

Tyler Metcalfe / The Daily

I know most people end up being really close friends with there roommates, but unfortunately for me I didn’t find a friend, I found an enemy, which is considered as the WORST roommate in the world!

The way my dorm is situated, there’s two rooms, two girls in each room, basically meaning there’s four girls sharing one room. Before I even started school I hated the fact that I was going to be sharing a bathroom with three other girls that I didn’t know.

Believe it or not all four of us actually did things together, but that “Roomie-bonding time”, as our RA called it, didn’t last long.

As the semester went on one of my roommates started to do some crazy things. We figured out some of the crazy things she did because of her actually roommate who came in our room whenever she had “company” over or whenever she decided to invite three unknown people who didn’t even go to our school.

We ignored some things because it wasn’t bothering us, at that time, but we just assumed she was use to doing these things and we hoped we knew where the limit was on her craziness.


Things got so bad that her roommate wanted to sleep in our room. I didn’t blame her, because if I was in the same room as her then she would be scared for her life to enter the room when I was there. Sooner or later her roommate was in the process of transferring, not because of her roommate but for other reasons, and that’s when things got worse.

When me and my roommate came back from Winter break we noticed a lot of noise from her room, a peculiar smell in the hallway and it was hot. We didn’t make much of the situation because we just figured it was something that was left in the dorm and she was on the phone. Well that wasn’t the case. She had over some friends from her sorority and she had the heat turned all the way up to the max. Of course I turned it down, because it wasn’t even that cold outside. It felt like I was getting slapped in the face by the devil every time I entered my room.

Let me list a couple reasons why she’s the worst roommate ever:

1. She keeps turning on the heat no matter if it’s cold or warm outside.

2. She likes to come in at 3 in the morning talking at the loudest volume on the the phone.

3. She plays her music loud enough for the whole hallway to hear in the middle of the night.

4. She smokes…

5. Know one knows if she actually goes to class or not.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m very tempted to report this to someone or just request for a different room. I know I only have about 3 months left in this semester and if things don’t get better then I will just have to take matter in my own hands.

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