Different People You Meet In College

I’m the kind of person who believes that everyone you meet changes you in some way, and college is a strange place filled with diverse groups of people. You’ll meet people you immediately click with, people you hate at first but grow to love, people you’ll always hate, people you fall for, maybe even fall on (I don’t want to talk about it), people who are there for the moment, and people who are there forever. Each person you spend even the slightest bit of time with will contribute to your college career in some way or another. Some you may regret, but others you will cherish.


The best friend


If you’re as lucky as I was to find that one person, your person as Cristina Yang would call them, your first year of college will come equipped with your soulmate best friend. They’re the person you vent to, laugh with, get drunk with, binge watch Netflix with, pig out with, and make countless memories with. They’re not only there to have fun with, but they’re also there to get you through the bad times. Their friendship is what will be one of the most prized possessions you take with you not only through college but through the rest of your life.


The frat boy


Ah, yes, the ultimate toolbag. These hormone-enraged boys are some of the most relentless humans alive. They’re like leeches. “I made this drink extra strong for you,” “I’ll let you in for free if you show me a little more skin,” or my personal favorite: “I have to show you something upstairs in my room.” Although flirting with them gets you free entry and free drinks, and that’s not so bad.


The unreasonable grader


Even though we all hate those professors who give you a C+ when you really deserved a solid A-, these teachers do provide a good lesson. College requires you to really try, not just go through the motions of pretending to try as you fall asleep in your textbook. However, sometimes they’re just heartless assholes who need to retire.


The “sheltered child”


Even though some parents insist on sheltering their children until the very minute before their kids leave for college, it ends up hurting them in the long run. I can’t even tell you the amount of people I’ve met in college who went super crazy because they were never allowed to leave the house in high school. Not letting your kids out of your eyesight may sound good at the time, but when you get the call that they’re in the emergency room at 3 in the morning due to alcohol poisoning two weeks into college, you can’t sit there wondering why. Befriend those people; don’t let them blackout in the corner alone. It’s both scary and dangerous to everyone involved.


The “look-away”


Just because you may not know this term doesn’t mean you don’t have one (or five). You know that guy you drunk made out with on the top of the pool table at the bar? Yeah, he’s in front of you in the salad line the next day in the dining hall. How about that random hookup you thought was a good idea last semester? Yup, she’s your lab partner this week. If you’re as lucky as I am, you always tend to see these people around campus when you’re looking the worst you possibly could. Lesson learned: limit your awkward encounters and thank me later.


The in-class friend


He or she may be the only reason you passed or didn’t drop a specific class. This person is your rock at finals time. Did bad on the midterm? They probably did too, and you can complain together about what a dimwit your teacher is. Forgot what the homework assignment was or when the test is? Your in-class friend probably knows. They’re lifesavers and may even make you enjoy your dreaded 5:30pm statistics class.


The person who dances to their own beat


Being friends with, or even talking to, that person who’s even slightly different than you can seem uncomfortable, but I can assure you that making friends with people unlike yourself can end up being very rewarding. I’ve learned so many lessons and life skills from people who at first seemed strange to me. College makes you realize that you have to give the “weird kids” a chance because everyone has something to offer and teach you.
The bouncer

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This person can either be your best friend or worst enemy when you’re under 21 and trying to get into a bar. Your best friend when they’ve heard “I swear my ID is real, I’m over 21” 87 times that night and yet they let you in anyways knowing it’s total bullshit. Your worst enemy when you’ve never gotten denied from the bar once in your life and they decide “there’s a first time for everything” and IT’S ON YOUR BIRTHDAY (I don’t want to talk about it.) It’s really fun when you and your friends get to know bouncers personally, and by personally I mean you Snapchat them and they tell you to come into the bar on a random Tuesday night…and you go.

The user


*sigh* You have a car on campus and suddenly everyone is your friend. Your mom brought home-cooked meals from home and suddenly your whole floor is outside your door swarming and trying to get some. We all know those people who are notorious for stealing your food, homework, and Clorox wipes.


The “Spot”


By “Spot” i’m referring to that one person who thinks you’re best friends and follows you and your friends around wherever you go like a dog. They want to know what you’re doing at every minute, when you’re going to dinner, when you’re leaving for the pregame, if they can meet up with you in the library. Every second of every day this person overbearingly burdens you with needing to follow you around. I pity these people because they probably don’t have many friends BUT COME ON. Why me???


The “Squad”

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And last but certainly not least, your group of friends. What would you do without the people you spend every minute with? Thanks for the countless amount of memories.

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