Drinking Beer Before Your Exams Is Helpful For Your Brain

In this article, we are going to discuss four hacks to ace your final exams, and the fourth way being the most shocking…..drinking a beer! You heard that right! Exams are extremely stressful environments to be in and whether you make or break your mind, and your final grade, can come down to how relaxed you are on the day, this is particularly relevant if exam results make up the biggest proportion of your overall grade. If you are on a course like this then you will be fully aware of the pressure the school and your parents are putting you under to succeed.


Phrases like ‘this will determine the course of the rest of your life’ are often used as threats to make you buckle down and study hard but what I often find is this ‘reminder’ comes counter productive and, regardless of the amount of studying you have done, on the day, with the pressure of success on your mind.


You freak out, get nervous. You become so preoccupied with potential futures based on your percentage that you forget how to take the exam.

Here are three tips to doing better on your exams that nobody tells you:


1. Relaxation


The trick is to relax. The techniques listed below have a varying success/fail rate and these have been covered so that you can identify the one best for you.




2. Meditation Before The Exam


I don’t mean break out the Himalayan humming music and the scented candles. Meditation is about forcing your mind to focus on one repetitive task to free it of distraction and help you find a centre of calm. The joys of modern society is that meditation can mean anything.


You could lie in a dark room, you could go for a walk, go for a run, a swim. You could listen to chilling music. The important thing is that you identify a simple action that does not require much thought and you do it.


Do this a couple of hours before your exam and you will go in calm and relaxed. The down side is that there is the possibility that once you are in the exam you will remember where you are a freak out. Putting you back to square one.




3. Meditation In The Exam


Take a moment. Close you eyes and imagine your stress as a big white ball. Begin breathing in and out slowly (about 5 seconds per breath). As you breath in and out you squeeze the ball in your mind until it is dust, then blow it out as you exhale.


This meditation technique is a good stress buster. But if you get too stressy you may find that you are doing this every 10 minutes and thus run out of time to finish the paper.




4. Have A Beer


Alcohol and College fit together like two peas in a pod and are usually associated with wild parties in between semesters. But Alcohol has a wonderful effect of stripping away a persons inhibitions and making them feel more confident.


So theory, a beer or two before an exam may just chill you out enough to accept you are stuck in this horrible exam for the next three hours and that the only way to get through it is to finish. The down side is that if you drink too much, you’ll just be drunk. So keep it lite.


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