Guy Records 6 Dudes Breaking Into Miami Of Ohio Fraternity. OMG It’s Nuts.

Below you can watch the video of what happened. First, here is a description of what was going on according to a user on Reddit:

Apparently something went down between 2 frats, Phi Tau and KA, which resulted in Phi Tau attempting to break into the KA house this last Saturday. I don’t know much about what specifically happened, but I will update when I find out.

As far as the recorder goes, I have absolutely no idea. I’m assuming he’s okay due to the video being uploaded, at least I hope so. From what I’ve heard someone got beat pretty bad in front of the KA house and ambulances had to be called, but I’m not sure who it was or how it’s related to this (KA might have jumped a guy from Phi Tau, but that’s all speculation).

Edit: I do want to say one thing though, Miami is a fantastic school and this video shouldn’t represent the rest of the students here. These kids are absolute morons and I haven’t seen anyone act even close to this since I’ve been here. These kids are outliers and if you ever think about coming here I guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time.

Also side note, I’m pretty sure Phi Tau got booted out of Miami for a couple of years after they got busted with a bunch of drugs and other things in their house. Sooo technically they’re not even a legitimate frat right now.

Edit: Okay, so from what I’m being told, KA jumped a member of Phi Tau earlier in the day and this was Phi Tau’s way of getting revenge. Either that or Phi Tau realllly likes their bagels.

Here is the crazy video:


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