Kobe Bryant Tears ACL Entering Arena, WON’T Play In Final Game Of Career

Want to hear something funny? Tickets are on sale for $20,000+ for tonight’s game, aka Kobe Bryant’s final game in his NBA career. Want to hear something super ironic? Well, Kobe Bryant won’t even be playing tonight in his final game, and fans are FREAKING OUT trying to sell their tickets on StubHub ASAP before word comes out. Well folks, we are here to break the news to you on Kobe Bryant tearing his ACL.

At roughly 9:37 AM, Kobe was entering the Staples Center, when the janitor went to open the door for Mr. Bryant. The Black Mamba had to avoid running into the janitor  and with a quick juke step, there it went. Kobe heard a pop and crumbled to the ground. RGIII? Nope, Kobe Bryant himself.

I hope the pregame wave will be worth $20,000 for those courtside seats.

You had a great run Kobe. Use #TheEndOfKobe to share your thoughts on this wild situation on Twitter.

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