The Official List Of Dream Colleges High School Students Wish They Could Attend

College. It’s the best four years of your life. However, everyone usually has their “dream college” that they dream of attending. Some get accepted into their dream college, while other high school students don’t because of multiple reasons. It could be because their GPA was not high enough, or they did not do well on the SAT exam, or whatever the case may be. We over at really wanted to see which colleges really are the “dream schools” that current high school seniors want to attend. Student responses were based on the following:

1. Wanting to attend a college because their family also went there.

2. Wanting to attend a college because they enjoyed visiting the campus.

3. Wanting to attend a college because their parties are awesome.

4. Wanting to attend a college because of their academics.

5. Wanting to attend a college because it was the right fit for their major.

6. Wanting to attend a college because of their athletics.

The results are in. Here are the Top Colleges High School Students Wish To Attend:


150. San Francisco State University

149. Wesleyan University

148. Montclair State University

147. The College of New Jersey

146. Rice University

145. Kent State University

144. University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

143. Westmont College

142. University of Kentucky

141. California State University Fullerton

140. University of Arkansas

139. Oklahoma State University

138. Northwestern University

137. University of North Texas

136. CSULB

135. SUNY Cortland

134. George Mason University

133. DePaul University

132. Vanderbilt University

131. Ithaca College

130. Ohio University

129. Michigan State University

128. Plymouth State University

127. Georgia Southern University

126. University of Minnesota

125. UCLA

124. Southern Methodist University

123. Pace University

122. Saint Louis University

121. Illinois State University

120. California State University Chico

119. University of Cincinnati

118. University of Pittsburgh

117. University of New Hampshire

116. University of Oklahoma

115. University of Tampa

114. Fordham University

113. The Georgia Institute of Technology ( Georgia Tech )

112. Wake Forest University

111. Coastal Carolina University

110. Chapman University

109. Bowling Green State University

108. Loyola University in Maryland

107. Creighton University

106. Emory University

105. College of Charleston

104. Sacred Heart University

103. Santa Clara University

102. Seton Hall University

101. UNC Charlotte

100. Tulane University

99. West Chester University

98. University of Toledo

97. University of Maine

96. University of Rochester

95. Western Kentucky University

94. University of San Diego

93. Vassar College

92. Temple University

91. Seattle University

90. Towson University

89. Rutgers University, New Brunswick

88. Bloomsburg University

87. Colorado State University

86. University at Buffalo

85. Florida Atlantic University

84. Northern Arizona University

83. Fashion Institute Of Technology

82. Duke University

81. University of Dayton

80. University of Delaware

79. University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

78. University of Iowa

77. Boston University (BU)

76. Southern Illinois University


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