SDSU Alpha Phi Just Broke The Internet With One Video You MUST See

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SDSU Alpha Phi.  A chapter filled with girls that are all wife material. Smart, beautiful, good vibes, and overall just a bunch of sisters that give back to their community. San Diego State University! I think SDSU students should know something. We moved to San Diego last year and we LOVE living here! The best thing about San Diego is San Diego State University. Why? Let’s see. The college has awesome academics, athletics, and one hot student body. The more videos I watch from SDSU the more I regret my decision of not choosing to go there for college. This college has definitely been on our radar lately. Alpha Phi girls are beyond the best, and the chapter at SDSU proves just that! These girls have such a charm to them. Their new recruitment video is awesome. You can tell they put a lot of effort into making this video totally amazing! Before checking out their amazing video below, make sure to FOLLOW US on INSTAGRAM —-> @UPrimetime for more!


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