Ten Things That Make Your Best Friend Your Best Friend

As you pulled up this article, I know that you were thinking about somebody. No, I am not a psychic, nor can I read your mind because honestly, I probably do not know who you are. But, somehow I know your BFF came to mind. I am not sure where you met your best friend, but I am sure you have a fabulous and one-of-a-kind story that you love to tell. Maybe this person has been with you since you were in toddlers, or maybe you met them in your 10 AM MWF Bio lecture. The bottom line is no matter how you two became friends, your bond stands out from the rest of your friendships.

10. Your boyfriend probably thinks you two are a “thing”

And you guys just laugh about it because you find this so hilarious. Sure, you both are very close with each other (maybe a little too close), but that just shows how comfortable you are with each other.

9. You ladies probably do disgusting things in front of each other

There is no shame. If you have to burp, you burp. You are not ashamed of them to see you fart or burp. It may even turn into a contest over who could do it better, and it is not weird at all.






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