This New College App Is Going Viral On 10 Campuses, And Is Soon Going Nationwide

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A brand new college only app just launched and is exploding onto the scene, especially at 10 specific colleges. In case you were wondering, the 10 colleges are Rutgers, UCF, ASU, University of Arizona, FSU, Michigan State, Penn State, University of Michigan, USC, and UCLA. DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW HERE

Well what is the app? It’s called Happinin. What is Happinin? You can say it’s “the next big thing” to hit college campuses. While many of our favorite college apps have come and gone over the years, Happinin is here to stay. Unlike some other college apps that have gone viral and then soon became extinct on campuses, Happinin actually serves a purpose. As a college student, the most asked question usually is what ACTUALLY is “happening” around campus. That’s where Happinin comes in to save your day in the most unique way possible. Happinin is a Mobile App that answers the question, ‘What’s Happening around college right NOW’?”

Happinin filters and organizes all the best content going down around your campus and campuses around the country into ‘Channels’ with videos and pictures from parties, events and locations trending around school, so you know what the scene is before you commit to joining in! Happinin lets you create Channels and Bulletins to promote your party and events so you can be what’s trending on campus!  Do you think Happinin is going to be the next big thing? Well, it’s already on its way to becoming the # 1 college app in the country, and we approve of it. Check out the video below that goes into detail about what the app is about with some visuals of the app itself. DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW HERE

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