UMass Amherst Kid In Deep Trouble, And Drugs Are A BIG Reason Why

BELCHERTOWN – The violent altercation that resulted in a shelter-in-place order at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Feb. 18 occurred after two Framingham men tried to sell a student “shredded vegetables” when he thought he was buying marijuana, according to the Northwestern district attorney’s office.

According to a student who attends UMass Amherst, the full story is pretty crazy:

So here’s what happened, I’m a student here at UMass Amherst.

Some guys that weren’t students show up and try to sell some students some shredded vegetables as marijuana on campus (At like dinnertime rush in the most crowded residential area on campus). The student victim in the dorm room knows he’s being scammed and tells them to get out, so then the dealers pull out a BB gun and pistol whip the guy in the dorm’s hallway, and some students walking back to their dorm room see the handgun, and freak out and call the police. The campus went on a huge lock-down, people were very rustled, as there were cops everywhere with rifles and campus air raid sirens going off all over a BB gun and a vegetable deal gone bad. Not saying it wasn’t the appropriate response, just saying it’s a little funny in hindsight, like what were these dealers thinking? They should be nominated for the noble dumbest people of the year prize.


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