Why College Is Not That Much Different From High School

1. It’s still school. While college is supposedly the land of freedom and parties, it’s still a school. You still have to go to classes, do work, do homework, and take quizzes/tests. Just like in high school GPA matters in college too.



2. You thought college was the time to be away from your parents? Think again. Though your mother can’t physically come into your room to tell you to do your homework or clean your room, don’t think she won’t hesitate to pick up the phone. You’ll get so tired of hearing your phone ring and having your mom check up on you that you would have forgot you even left home.



3. New year, new classes, new friends. Even if your best friend goes to the same college as you, they’re probably going to have a different major, meaning you probably won’t have class with them. So just like high school, you have to relearn your communication skills to talk to different people and make new friends. It might be awkward at first, but you will eventually get the hang of it and find a group of friends that are interested in the same things as you.



4. You started from the bottom now you’re here…. back at the bottom. You started as freshman and worked your way to the top of your class. Now that you’ve started college you are back to being a freshman: going to orientation, looking for clubs to join and getting lost around campus.




5. Football games. Friday night football was always something to look forward to in high school. The pep rallies and school spirit was great! In college it isn’t much different, except there are a few thousand more people that attend the games. School spirit runs so ramped in college that your campus is bound to be a home away from home.


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