Why It’s Okay To Be A “Girly” Girl

As our world continues to progress, societies views on gender and genders roles are becoming extremely open. We see more and more gender stereotypes being broken, the idea of a woman belonging in the kitchen, while the man goes out to work is a thing of the past.

As we grow up, we may begin to realize we don’t necessarily fit the stereotype’s that our genders associate ourselves with, which leads many of us to break free from these customs. Although stereotypes typically have a negative connotation, sometimes it’s just embedded in us to fit them, however there is nothing wrong with fitting the stereotype.

I’m a 20 year old woman, who wears make-up everyday and always carries around a huge Michael Kors bag. I jump to any occasion I can to put a dress and high heels on. The best part about going out in my opinion is the getting ready stage of the night. My room is purple and pink with glitter everywhere. I am a girly-girl.

I grew up living in a house with my mom and my retired hair-dresser grandmother. I was always excited when my grandmother put rollers in my hair and my mom put make-up on me for Halloween. I looked up to fashion icons such as Coco Channel and Audrey Hepburn, to me these ladies were the epitome of sophistication and style.

Going into my teen years, I continued to doll myself up for every school dance and event. As I entered college I began working at an office on campus where I had the opportunity to dress to impress everyday of work.

However, being a girly-girl hasn’t always been as “glamorous” as it seems. Somehow over the years, the world “girly” has developed a bad connotation. I have been told I put make-up on to “please a man” and that I come off as weak or stupid because I wear high heels and skirts.

We need to break the stigma that woman who are “girly” are ditzy or are “bimbos”. Your appearance has absolutely no effect on your intelligence or skill level. Your appearance is simply your outer shell, but what really matters is on the inside.

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