Why You Should Never Hookup With Your Roommate

10. The endless amount of awkward silences. It’s normal to feel guilty or shameful when hooking up with someone. It completely sucks when you have to live with them afterward. Every time you have to use the bathroom, want to make a sandwich, or walk out of the door you have to slide past the mistake you made.


9. It’s a viscous cycle. Odds are if it happens once it’ll happen again and again and again. That may not seem to be such a bad thing, until you catch feelings.

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8. You may gain feelings for your new fling that makes everything so much more complicated. You instantly jump from the dating stage of a relationship to the engaged and moving in stage without getting to know each other well on a romantic level. It never ends good.

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7. As soon as you think the whole episode is over, it always randomly pops back up during arguments. Being reminded of what you did behind closed doors as a comeback is always bothersome.


6. Having sex with someone you live with opens doors to them thinking that you’re closer than you actually are. This leads to them doing unacceptable things like using your stuff. For example, them grabbing your toothbrush then saying things like, “It’s okay. We’ve done worse than this.” No, not okay.



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