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General Education Classes Are The Biggest Waste of Students Time

College is expensive, that is no big secret. So why are institutions wasting more of our time and (loan) money on classes that make us want to bang our heads on a wall? Classes such are anthropology, drawing, African cinema, and many more are reasons for bad GPA’s and many tear filled ordering to Insomnia.

Now every Gen Ed causes different emotions within different people. For instance, a three hour class for drawing could be enjoyable to me, but to someone else that cold be their most hated class of the week. Regardless of major, we have all had to participate in classes that we borderline despise.

I am a Public Relations major. Which basically means I love writing, talking with people and I go through withdraw without social media. Science and Math gen eds are my nightmare. At my school I have to take nine credits of natural science, six credits of a social science and nine credits of math. For those of you keeping count that’s two 12-credit semesters. None of these classes really help my career goals. I want to work in the entertainment or sports industry. Knowing the mitochondria is the power house of the cell is cool don’t get me wrong. But I also learned that in high school. Classes I would much rather take would be photography, extra writing classes, broadcasting, and web design. Those are classes that will help me in my field immensely.

My first roommate in college was a nursing major, and her course load scared me. No, seriously she deserved a metal! On top of all of her major classes she had to take general courses. I remember many tear filled nights worrying about passing pathology for her major and statistics as a gen ed requirement. Nursing is one of the hardest majors at my institution. They are not only required to take these general courses but they also spend a full school year at Hershey Medical Center. This has the students actually doing what they learned in class. Now that is amazing! These young students will graduate college with already a year with of experience under their belt.

My sorority has Google docs for just about everything. Probably the most visited page would be our list of what gen eds. It lists ones to take and which ones to avoid at call costs. It is definitely a helpful tool. There are still requirements that need to be met and there may not be enough “easy A” classes to fill them. Not to mention that one easy class for one person could be the death of another.

Now I understand the reasoning for taking gen eds. Institutions want to make sure college students have a well rounded education. That is great, that is important in our world. Students are spending hundreds of thousands in tuition each year. That should be a greater focus on classes that will better prepare that individual for their industry. Because in today’s world where everything is custom, our education should be to.

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