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I Went Out-Of-State For College And Don’t Regret A Thing

Article Originally Published On ReadUnWritten.com

The giant white envelope was shaking in my hands. Although I knew what was inside, I was still nervous. Here goes nothing, I thought, and opened up the white envelope that contained my future. I pulled out the letter and took a breath before I read it. Congratulations! You have been accepted to St. John’s University! One of my tops colleges wanted me, and I was ecstatic.

But I soon came to realization that this university was out-of-state, and out-of-state meant that it would cost more money than usual. As I put the acceptance letter down, I noticed that I had received scholarship money as well. It was an added benefit, but still didn’t even cover half of my tuition.

After careful consideration, I decided that this school seemed to be the best option for me. Not only was it located in New York and only a 40 minute subway ride from Manhattan, but it has the traditional campus feel while being in an urban setting. It seemed like the best place for any and every opportunity, and as I said, I received scholarship money to cover some of the cost. Despite my parents having to pay way more out-of-pocket than expected, I took the risk and made the decision to go there.

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