10 Reasons Why Being Single Is Totally Okay

If you’re single, i’m here to tell you.. It’s okay! Start looking at your single life from a different perspective. Stop being a hopeless romantic who mopes around because they can’t find someone. STOP LOOKING! Also stop saying ” I HATE BEING SINGLE” Have fun, focus on yourself, and let that lucky person come out of nowhere. I understand that you get lonely sometimes, BUT in reality you can get anybody you want. The right guy/girl will show up, and you’ll end up happily ever after.. But for now, start accepting that being single is totally okay.

10. You have plenty of freedom.

9. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

8. You can focus on yourself and who YOU want to become.

7. You don’t have to share your food.

6. You’re able to save money quicker and easier.


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