11 Reasons Girls Post Selfies

Besides #SelfieSunday girls are posting selfies all over the place on the daily. Why? There is so many reasons besides being bored. These 11 reasons along with the pictures explain why girls post selfies, keep a look out for pictures like these next time you’re on social medias. Are you one of these 11 girls?!

11. Their Boobs/Ass Looked Good- They basically thought they looked hot and that was the only reason they posted it. They are asking for someone to comment on their boobs or ass. Girls will try to play this off as being sweet and innocent, but in reality we all know why they really posted it.

10. To Show Off- Gym selfies, duck faces, beach selfies are all a sign of showing off and craving attention. They want to prove something to someone.

9. To Make A Guy Jealous- They want to show off to their ex, or someone else to prove that the guy is missing out on something great. Random bold lipstick and full body selfies really give this away!

8. New Hair- They got a haircut and really just want to show it off!

7. Their Makeup Looks Good- Face it if your make-up looks “on point” and your eyebrows are “on fleek” you have to prove it.

6. Self Obsessed- They just like seeing themselves, getting likes, comments, and posing for pictures (these are the girls who post selfies EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.)


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