12 Thoughts While Doing A Keg-Stand

If you’ve ever been to a tailgate or a fraternity party, you’ve probably seen some bro’s competing to do the longest keg-stand or some drunk girls whining about how they can do one too. Drinking beer upside down while a crowd of people are cheering you on is a unique college experience we all should do once. Here’s 12 thoughts we’ve all had while doing a keg-stand.

12. This is going to be so awesome 

This is what college is all about-doing stuff that will totally piss my parents off. I feel so free (and drunk) since I can do whatever I want. Get me up there!

11. I need to beat the guy who just went before me 

I need to prove that my level of alcohol tolerance (or stupidity) is higher than the guy who’s on 25 seconds right now. I can do that easy!

10. Wait, before we start I need someone to take a video for snapchat 

I need to show everyone else that i’m having so much more fun than them! So how else to do it besides having a fire snapchat story?

9. And make sure you get a picture for Instagram too #doitforthegram 

Add a filter to that and you could probably get at least 100 likes #instafamous.

8. I hope these guys don’t drop me 

Wait, I’m drunk and so are the guys holding me up. If I fall and break my neck, how am I supposed to explain the hospital bills to my parents?

7. Oh man wait how many people’s mouths have been on this 

I’m sucking on a piece of plastic that five other frat bro’s just put their mouth on. I’m on the fast-track to getting herpes.


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