15 Things From Our Childhood We Wish We Had Back

It seems like nowadays we miss the things from our childhood more than we probably liked them back then. With shows like Gilmore Girls and Full House getting reboots it’s no wonder we’re nostalgic, so here are 15 childhood things 90’s kids wish we had back.

15. Nestle Wonderball They were little balls of chocolate and candy heaven.


14. Tamagotchi Aka where you probably first learned how to take care of a pet.


13. Nintendo Gameboys You could take your games with you anywhere and brag that you had the Gameboy Color.


12. Easy Bake Ovens You could make dessert for yourself and blame the oven for not making enough for everyone.


11. Every cartoon Hey Arnold!, Powerpuff Girls, Kim Possible… the list goes on and on.



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