90s Styles That Need To Stay As Told By Rachel Green

Everyone loves Rachel Green from “Friends” for many reasons. I, and many others, are drawn to her seemingly effortless, always on-point outfits.

Now that I am watching the series for the second time through, I can pay more attention to Rachel’s clothes than the plot of the show itself.

You know how people in fashion say that everything comes back? Well, it is so true. Majority of the clothes from the 90s are being rocked on the streets of the Fashion Capital in 2016.

Here are some 90s clothes that need to stay, inspired by the timeless beauty Rachel Green.

10. Cut off denim shirts.

denim shirt

As long as you are not wearing it with jeans, you’ll look great.

9. The little black dress.


A little black dress never goes out of style, so never throw yours away.

8. Overalls.


I am totally biased toward overalls. No one understands my obsession, but I think they are amazing. A tank top, crop top, or a t-shirt underneath and you’re golden.

7. Middle part with a face frame.

middle part

I personally cannot pull off the middle part, but if you can, DO IT. Extra style points for a face frame.

6. Turtleneck sweaters.

turtleneck sweater

They are timeless. Do not get rid of yours. My mom regrets tossing hers years ago, and you will, too.

…She even let me wear my chain and my turtleneck sweater…


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