Reasons UCF Spring Semester is Just as Great as Fall

Fall semester of UCF is busy with tons of events, football and school. After winter break, yes us Knights are sad to be actually participating in school, but there are so many good things about Spring Semester at UCF.

Not as busy of a semester. We always find ourselves having way more free time in Spring. With no football and no rush of a new school year, what will we do every weekend??

free time

The weather isn’t a blazing 1000 degrees. Yes, we don’t get much of a winter here in Florida but at least we are in the 70’s and even the 60’s sometimes. Break out your coats… Floridians much?



No tailgating, so all weekend is a good time to drink. There is no getting out of Happy Hour on Fridays or going out on Friday nights because there are not Saturday gamedays. Have fun trying to say no to your friends now… you have no excuse.



Cuffing season is over. It’s a great time to be alive and be single. All the single ladies wind up together celebrating their freedom and get to stop watching people get into relationships. Just need to get through Valentines Day…



Goodbye (shitty) Football season, hello Baseball Season. Football tailgates are one thing at UCF, but baseball tailgates… yes! And our baseball team is actually decent so we won’t be watching our team lose every game! See ya February 19th to root on our knights!



Spring Break! Spring semester is centered around Spring Break. Most of UCF will be partaking in a cruise or some traveling farther. Some peeps even stay home and just work. I think both are a win win… vacation or a big paycheck… cha-ching!

spring break



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