Reasons UCF Spring Semester is Just as Great as Fall (2)

Universal Knights. Each Spring UCF students get to enjoy Universal Studios for free just for being a student. Perks of being in Orlando. You do have to wait in a horribly long line, but on April 17, 2016 It’ll be worth it. Get your ticket and lets takeover the park!


St. Patricks Day. We turn up on St. Patricks Day. Library is the spot to be. Huge block party with green beer. Could life get any better?

st patty

Knight-Thon. Fun comes in many different forms and this charity event is one of the most fun things of the semester. At UCF, students stand for hours and hours to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. April 2, 2016… Be there or be lame.


Summer Vacay is right around the corner. And most importantly, as the months go by we get closer and closer to summer. No school, all work and all play. Money and memories. Score.


Told ya.


So we did an article the other day on a brand new mobile app that is trending at UCF right now called Happinin that you can see HERE. Happinin filters and organizes all the best content going down around your campus and campuses around the country into ‘Channels’ with videos and pictures from parties, events and locations trending around school, so you know what the scene is before you commit to joining in! DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW HERE

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