A Long-Distance BFF Explained


Thank God for technology.

With a best friend going to a different school, iMessage, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat make a great difference. You two still tell each other anything and everything. At parties, in class, or in the library, you are usually glued to your phone texting every trivial detail of the weekend–nothing can be left out.

10. Snapchat. Any time. Any where. All day. Every day.


At a professional event? Snapchat. Running on the treadmill next to a ton of fellow students? Snapchat. At the library avoiding work? Snapchat. The uglier, the better.

9. The screenshots.


Because no super-ugly Snapchat can just disappear forever.

8. Texting each other whenever anything remotely juicy happens.


The only person you accept a long, drawn out text from about a guy she simply made eye contact with at a party is your BFF.

7. Getting back together and retelling stories.


You know the story already because you received a text basically as it was happening, but you just want to hear her tell it in person.

6. If both of you are around the same place at the same time, you will do anything to see each other for even an hour.


A lot can be said in an hour if you talk fast.


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