An Open Letter To Those Who Are Indecisive

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Right or left.  Up or down.  This way or that way.  So none of these choices are ever easy and don’t even get me started on something like ordering off of the Cheesecake Factory menu.

While being indecisive may be frustrating for those who are quick to make a choice please be patient with those who aren’t.  We are trying to work through it as quickly as possible.  Being indecisive is one of the most frustrating traits because you want to be able to make a quick decision but something is stopping the words from leaving your mouth.  Those of us that’re indecisive know the feeling of not wanting to be wrong and wanting to please everyone.  We are afraid that if we pick something and someone else doesn’t like it that we may never live it down.  And while that is ever so slightly irrational, we can’t help it.  To be honest, sone one who is indecisive doesn’t care what everyone is doing as long as it is with the people they care about.  We are fine with being along for the ride, even if we don’t particularly love where we end up.

So, to those who are indecisive, I understand that struggle and I am here to say that we need to start working through it.

What’s important is making sure that you are able to make “important” decisions.  So yes, maybe you still struggle with whether everyone should order Chinese or Italian but if you are able to make a choice that keeps people safe that’s a win.  Sometimes I can’t even figure out if I should work out now or later or if I should go see this person or that one.  But I can makes choice that keeps me out of trouble or keeps my close friends happy because that matter to me.

So to those who are indecisive, I understand your need to be impulsive or nothing will get done.  I know that if you have the chance to think about your choice for even a second you may as well just go back to step one and try again.  I know that you want to be able to make a simple choice and accept it and move on, but you can’t.  I know that you feel bad no matter if you make the choice or someone else has to because either way you feel like you’re making someone unhappy with you.

I know that your inability to make a choice doesn’t mean you don’t have an opinion or that you’re not passionate about what is going on in the world around.  I know that you still have a preferred movie genre, a favorite restaurant, and a mindset that you are developing every day.  So we will keep trying, keep taking each day at a time because we will beat this one day.


Your fellow friend who really can’t make an “easy” choice

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