Who Is The Best Team In The NFL?

When you think of who the best teams are in the NFL, you think of the Packers, Patriots, Saints, 49ers, and the Broncos. However, none of them compare to the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. They completely embarrassed the Broncos in the Super Bowl and they followed up that performance against the Packers the first week of the season. They destroyed two of the best teams in the NFL with ease. They are one of the only teams in NFL history that does not have a weakness. In my personal opinion, they are the best team and it’s not even close.

When you look at Russell Wilson’s stats, he looks like an average quarterback. In the game, he looks elite. Wilson looks like he always has control of the offense and he shows his leadership and pose as one of the team leaders. Throw in a tremendous arm and good legs and maybe he is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. Marshawn Lynch (aka Beastmode) is also one of the top running backs in the NFL. He is pound-for-pound the strongest player in the NFL, and if you don’t believe me watch the run he made against the Saints in the playoffs. The receivers are probably the weakest position on the entire team, but they are still average in the NFL, and Percy Harvin is electrifying. Put the offensive star power with a solid offensive line and they are a top ten offense in the league.

What can I say about the Seahawks defense besides they are the best in the league. There is nothing bad about this defense. They are big, fast, and physical. Watch a Seahawks game and you will see every defender fly to the ball. The defensive line is one of the best in the NFL, the linebackers are in the top ten in the NFL, and the “Legion of Boom” is the best in the NFL, without question. Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman are two of the best defensive players in the NFL. No one can do anything against this defense. Can’t throw it against them, can’t run it against them, can’t do anything against them.

One of the reasons the Seahawks are the best team is because Pete Carroll has done a masterful job so far. He has one of the youngest teams and they have arguably the most talented roster. Carroll and his coaching staff do a tremendous job of utilizing all their talented players because each player has their designated role on the team, which makes each player proficient at honing their skills. Carroll has the same amount of energy as the players do, which flows through his team every time they step on the field. Carroll and his staff have done a great job to build this team into a powerhouse for years to come.

“THE 12th MAN”:
The Seahawks have one of the most talented NFL teams, but they have to give a ton of credit to all the fans that show up at CenturyLink Field on Sundays. Dubbed “The 12th Man,” Seattle holds the NFL record for the loudest stadium in the NFL. They have the best fans in the sport, which gives them an unbelievable home-field advantage. The past two seasons, the Seahawks have gone 15-1 in their stadium, not including the playoffs. If the Seattle Seahawks get home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, watch out for the Seahawks to make it to another Super Bowl appearance.

UPDATE** I know the Seahawks just lost, but they are still the best team in the league. Can’t win them all.

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