College Advice: Because We All Need A Little Help (2)

“Don’t be scared to experience something new.” – Nate, class of ’18

“I’d say biggest advice is to always say yes, be open minded and go out of your comfort zone. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from living your life. Do what makes you happy. Create a ton of memories so you are able to look back and laugh. Most importantly, never have to say, ‘I wish I had done that.’ Four years will feel like four months, so enjoy every moment.” – Megan, class of ’14

“Don’t overload yourself with classes and credits your first year. Schedule time for fun. Don’t be afraid of the library. Call your parents at least once a week.” – Taylor, class of ’15

“Don’t get discouraged during the first semester. Classes seem a lot more difficult than high school, but you have to give yourself time to adjust and figure out the study strategies that work for you.” – Megan, class of ’16

“Focus on friendships, not boys. Don’t rush your time there. Experience all the campus has to offer… AND you have no clue how much money you are investing into your education until you’ve graduated and the loans start coming, so don’t just scoot by.” – Ryan, class of ’13

“College is more than earning a diploma; it’s an experience, so try and get the most of it. Don’t leave yourself looking back and wondering what would have happened if you took an opportunity, joined a group or went on a trip.” – Kristy, class of ’16


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