What A Typical Day Walking Around The University of Alabama Campus Is Like

A typical day of walking around UA is just about the same as any other day at any other school. You see a lot of people either going or coming from class or you just enjoy the scenery of the campus. There’s a lot of places to walk at The University of Alabama. You might not want to walk to some places, but it’s walk-able.

Ususally for me, when I walk around campus I see a lot of people most likely looking on there phones. Sometimes those people are close to running into someone or a pole and I just stand there and watch them most times.


Other than walking with cellphones it’s also people who have headphones on. They’re most likely in there own world, I do the same, but some people be feeling the music way too much. It’s nothing wrong with feeling the music, but it’s funny to see from afar.


No matter how cold it is, you’ll see someone wearing an outfit that looks completely confusing. I know there’s people from the north who can survive 20 degree weather with a t-shirt, jacket and some pants, but it’s weird to see someone wearing shorts and a t-shirt in 35 degree weather. Sometimes I just assume that they wasn’t aware of how the weather would act today, because Alabama weather is a tad bit bipolar, or they probably didn’t wash and only have shorts and t-shirts.


One thing I know about walking around UA is that almost everyone has a crimson shirt with a white A on it. During the Friday before a game most likely you will see a lot of people who go here or just walking around on the campus wearing crimson and white. Not only will you see that but The Quad will be filled with tents. If you didn’t know it was game day, all you had to do was walk past The Quad and then you’ll notice what time it was…GAME TIME!


One thing I figured out while being at UA is they have a lot of tours. I’m not sure if it’s orientation, or a university day, but there’s always big groups of young kids and older people walking behind a student with a red blazer on. That happens about three times a month so it’s not hard to miss it, but it’s something that students are use to seeing here.

There’s a lot to see while walking around the campus of UA. Some things may seem odd, and some seem to be completely normal, but it’s all apart of the college life…I guess.

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