How College is like Kindergarten

College is a whole new experience filled with exciting adventures and scary situations. Through both the good and the bad of your college experiences, you learn important lessons along the way. Not only does college make you feel like an adult for the first time, but for me, it also made me feel like a young child again. Here are some of the ways that college is like being back in kindergarten all over again:

Your parents just drop you off in this strange new place you’ve never been before


The first day of kindergarten is a lot like the first day of college; you come equipped with new supplies, new fears, and new excitements. Your parents just drop you off, and you’re not exactly sure when you’ll see them next. In kindergarten, you can’t tell time yet so you have no idea how long it’ll be before your parents come to pick you up at the end of the day, and in college, you’re far from home and don’t usually know how long it’ll be before you go home. In both situations, you’re just left by yourself in this strange new place that you’ll be spending the next year, at least, in.

You start out with no friends, not knowing anyone


In both college and kindergarten, your first days may start off kind of lonely without knowing many people. As the days go on, you meet people with the same interests as you. Those interests may be coloring, doing puzzles, or building with blocks, or they may be playing an instrument, playing a sport, or drinking. Either way, you’ll make friends and become a whole lot less lonely than you started off.

You tend to pee in places unintended for peeing in sometimes


Kindergarteners still have problems with using the bathroom in the bathroom. They still have accidents, pee on random objects in the classroom, or in corners of the room to be more discrete. College students aren’t much better. In fact, we may be even worse than little kids. Think about the last time you went to a party: did you really wait in that 28 person long line for the one bathroom? Nope, you went outside behind a shed, under a tree, or on the driveway.



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