Relationships Vs. Commitment

What’s a relationship without commitment? Today these two words seem to be a totally different language to us, and have turned into something we don’t know anymore. Our generation today has taken these two words and made them completely unknown. Why are we in relationships if commitment isn’t even taken seriously anymore?

The dating game, stages of going steady, getting engaged, and even getting married, are not the same as they once were. It’s ruined by texting, this thing we call “talking” (what even is that?) as well as social media. The communication within relationships has come to a huge halt and, while recently trying to work on my communication with someone it completely backfired in my face.

Communication was finally getting stronger within a relationship of mine, and I was trying to work on our relationship so we could work toward a future, whether it was using social media less, working less, showing more affection, or even simple things. You shouldn’t let somebody change you or tell you what you’re doing wrong; always stay true to yourself. I tried to change myself for someone and everything I put on the table was ripped right out from underneath me.

I’m not all against #MCM or #WCW or cute, corny posts on Instagram, but I do believe that it has strongly affected the way relationships work today. Sometimes the way people post about their boyfriend or girlfriend is almost like showing off they won a gold medal. I understand that you’re in love, but if you’re going to post, make it thoughtful and not like you just won the Super Pipe at the Olympics. In this genertation, it’s almost like a significant other is only there to please themselves, they need attention only when they want it, but don’t return the favor when their significant other needs it back.



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