10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Message Your Ex (2)

5.You’re only remembering the good times, think of the bad and then see how you feel

Yes, you had great times together. You were in love, of course there are so many good memories and you don’t want to give those up, but it wasn’t always so amazing. Clearly because now you are broken up. Remember the reason for the breakup and think of all the things you hated about the relationship before you send that “I miss you” text.

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4. You won’t get whatever it is you’re looking for out of the exchange

What are you looking for? An apology, forgiveness, closure? It probably won’t happen especially if the relationship ended badly or if it was a long-term relationship. There was so much between you two and you can hash stuff out again and again without ever getting what you truly want. Moving on and leaving it alone will be better in the long run.

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3. It won’t bring you closer or erase the past

(See #4) You won’t always get the closure you need and you also can’t always be friends with your ex. It just doesn’t work like that in many cases.

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2. They don’t deserve that moment of triumph when they see your name on their screen

The minute they see your name on their screen, they believe they have won. You caved in and wanted to tell them you miss them or that you’ve been thinking about them because maybe they’ll take you back… No, don’t do it. Don’t give them the satisfaction of being “the winner.”

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1. It ended for a reason!

Remember this! Please, just remember that there was a good reason for it ending and it doesn’t need to all be brought up again and again and again. You don’t need to message them to receive closure and move on. You can just move on, on your own and feel better about in the long run. You don’t need anything more from then and a text won’t change anything.

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