The Different Types Of Friends In Your Squad

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I was recently talking to my best friends from college in our corny group message when each of their special characteristics and quirks gave me the inspiration to make this post. I do have to say, my friend group is definitely one of a kind. However, I do believe there’s one of them in every crowd. My friends will probably hate me by the end of this, so if you’re reading this, LOVE YOU! Share with your friends if these sound like them!

The Tinder-obsessed friend


I’m sure we all have at least one of these friends. When they first sign up for Tinder, they constantly send you pictures of random people they’ve matched, screenshots of the weird conversations they have, and obsess about how they’ve found the person they’re going to marry. If you have a friend who’s really obsessed with Tinder, they may even go on a few dates and that is where things get interesting. You’re constantly worried if they’re going to come back in one piece seeing as the last guy your friend matched had a similar name as one of the mass murderers you heard on the news last night.

The mom


I’m absolutely positive every group of friends has the nurturing friend. The mom friend is the one who holds the hair, leaves the bar with whoever is puking that night, wipes the tears, always has things like bandaids or Advil in her purse, texts the group chat frequently to make sure that everyone is okay, and does head counts before leaving a party. Even though these friends can be irritating with their overprotective tendencies, every friend group needs someone who will make them feel cared for.


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