24 Thoughts We Have Over Winter Break

Being home for winter break from college we all tend to have mixed emotions.. We miss our friends at school and miss our friends at home, we miss our parents and we miss going out every weekend. We have one full month of nothing (okay maybe working or something else,) but we have one full month off of classes! We all have a variety of thoughts and statements all throughout the month we have off, because we either miss school or love being home for a little whie. So sit back and enjoy the holidays, New Year, and partying with friends while it lasts!

24. Being home is so much different than being at school…

23. I don’t want to grow up and be an adult.
22. I really need to hit the gym.

21. I’m lonely.

20. My alcohol tolerance is going to be great when I go back to school.
19. I really should stop eating all this garbage food.

18. THANK GOD FOR NO 8 am classes!

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