The Top Colleges Where Students Blackout Drinking. Yes, I’m Guilty of Attending One. We’re known for our college rankings. If you go to our College Rankings category, you know by now we’ve done every ranking you could possibly imagine. Whether it was rankings the Top Party Schools or rankings the Hottest Girls, or ranking the colleges with the Smartest Students , we’ve done it all. In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, it’s now time to rank the Top 125 Colleges where students drink to blackout. How did we conduct this research? Well, let’s see. First, we looked into seeing how often the college is in the news for alcohol related arrests. Second, we looked into seeing what a schools track record is for alcohol use. Lastly, we asked students from across the country what they had to say about alcohol use at their colleges. From all of the information we received, here’s our list. Enjoy!

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125. Southern Methodist University

124. Columbia University

123. Boston University

122. University of Maine

121.University of Connecticut

120. University of Illinois at Chicago

119. University of Tampa

118. Seton Hall Univeristy

117. Loyola University Maryland

116. SUNY Stony Brook

115. University of San Francisco

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