When Your School Wins The National Championship

What happens when your school wins the National Championship? Is there a riot, a parade, a party, or nothing? Well since my school, University of Alabama, won the National Championship I can tell you everything that happens when your school wins the National Championship.

On top of being a school that’s revolved around football, it’s a different scene when it comes to playoff season. Every team that goes against Alabama will most likely come to the team and the fans with some type of trash talk. Of course a lot of teams trash talk a team like Alabama, and the players and fans didn’t care at all, because at the end we all knew who would win.


When the National Championship started several people said that this would be a hard game to go against a team who has been undefeated for the entire season. Little did they know Alabama has a thing for beating undefeated teams *cough cough* LSU.


There were moments when Clemson were ahead, but at the end…ALABAMA WON! They’re were many excited fans in the stadium and even at the school. People ran up and down the halls of there dorms, others ran out in the street and even gathered at The Strip. For this being my first year here at UA it was nice to experience my school win a National Championship. It was an achievement for many things. 16th Championship in 2016 and Nick Saban’s 100th win. I know there’s people that has many other facts about why this championship was great, but all I know is that WE WON!

The school has done a lot to celebrate. It’s a little overwhelming for a freshmen like me, but it’s fun to experience. I hope within the next 4 years I will experience more National Championship wins, knowing how great Alabama is I wouldn’t doubt that will win more Championships. ROLL TIDE!

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