Why You Should Be The Girl Who Just Hooks Up

Contrary to the title, I will never be the girl who just hooks up. I won’t be the one talking to multiple guys at once and looking to score a hot make out sesh in the bathroom before having drinks with the next number in my phone. I can’t seem to remove emotion and replace it with numbingly, fake affection. The people that can though, I applaud you for never being completely vulnerable. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “The best thing a girl can be in this world is a beautiful, little fool”. Honestly, that really is the greatest thing a girl could hope to be; she will never get hurt, if she is living in ignorance.

Ignorance. Ha. Oh, how I long to live in some of the heads I see passing by me on the streets or in the bars on a Friday night. The conversations and words that pour out of their mouths are screaming with incompetence and muffled in a web of false truths they tell themselves. Yet, they are the ones who are doing it right, right now. They aren’t giving into their emotions or what their heart is telling them. It’s all about the chase and the game — hot damn, are they playing it well. As much as I hate to type out these words for you to gaze your eyes over, we still are living in a mans world — we’re just getting better at playing their game.

Somehow through the ever evolving social media and social dynamics, women have started dating like men; keeping things casual, “talking” to multiple guys, never settling down. These women have no worries, no cares (except maybe which Jake they’ll be seeing with this weekend). They don’t have to worry about one person and their wants, needs, and desires. It’s light and casual just what everyone wants, right? No having to worry about fighting or missing dates. No having to listen to another person’s problems and fears. No having to constantly talk to one person throughout the day. But isn’t that what makes humans, well, humans; felling connected to someone in this infinite universe?

Call me old fashioned, but I’d take waking up next to the same guy everyday over waking up next to a new guy every weekend. I’m the sap that believes in dating and faithfulness. If I’m talking to you, I’m only talking to you. Sure, I’m naïve; I know that dude I’m texting everyday probably is doing the same thing with other girls, but that’s not my style. Honestly, our generation needs to go back to our grandparents’ generation and take a couple notes (or 40). We need to drop this whole “oh, we’re just talking” thing and “technically, we’re not official” nonsense and actually fucking give a shit about a person (excuse my French). If you like someone, go for it. Let your guard down and pursue them wholeheartedly. Leave your ego back in high school where it should’ve been left in the first place and give your all to someone. If you don’t, then you’re not only wasting your time, but their time as well. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Really, we don’t. We’re not getting any younger.

I will proudly never be the girl that just hooks up because I respect myself and other people more than that. Trust me, I’m not dissing the people that do. You go, Glenn Coco. Do yo thang. I just can’t succumb to being a fool. I’ll never stop being the hopeless romantic who wants to build a snowman or watch re-runs of Rocket Power or falls asleep with the same man. It’s the little things that you can never get from hooking up that make your heart vulnerable and that’s why girls choose to be fools. They choose to be guarded and protected and that’s the best thing to be in this world — a beautiful, little fool.




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