10 Struggles Only An Oglethorpe University Student Would Understand (2)

7. Parking?  What is That?

Finding a parking spot anywhere near where you’re going is like winning the lottery, and when you’re not so lucky, well – sometimes you have to get a little creative in regards to what is and what is not a parking spot.

6. Everyone is the President of Fifteen Clubs and Have Cured Seven Diseases Since They Came Here – Except You

Everyone at Oglethorpe is so smart, it’s scary.  When everyone around you has all these accomplishments, it is easy to be intimidated by the success of it all, particuraly when you don’t feel quite as accomplished.

5. If You Live in Traer, It’s Too Loud – If You Live Anywhere Else, It’s Too Quiet

When you live at Oglethorpe, your dorm experience is either this all the time:

Or this:


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