10 Thoughts Before Meeting the Parents for the First Time (2)

5. How long is an acceptable time to talk with them before we can leave and have some alone time? They are just talking about all of their inside jokes that I don’t understand and am left sitting here like…


4. What if I do something completely embarrassing or they hate me? I should probably know how big of a deal family is and if we can continue our relationship if they do end up seeing me make a huge mistake or if they end up despising me.


3. We should’ve laid out some ground rules like… don’t leave me alone with your mom for ten minutes while you finish getting ready because I will have nothing to say and I will end up just smiling and giggling like an idiot.


2. Can they hear us kissing? They’re probably right up the stairs listening or planning an excuse to come check on us. I’m too uncomfortable to try anything more than that under their roof.

1. What time is an okay time to leave? I don’t want to overstay my welcome. Also, do I have to say goodbye and thanks for having me or can I just like sneak out?


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