12 Tips For College Freshmen From College Seniors (3)

6) Don’t be the freshman who skateboards to class every day.

It might get you to class 2 minutes earlier, but it’s obnoxiously loud and you will piss off every single person you pass. Wake up a bit earlier to allot for the time you need to walk to class or be a part of the crowd and power walk with the rest of us.

5) Don’t be the group of freshmen who can’t seem to have a normal conversation without yelling and making a scene.

We all know you can talk at a reasonable volume, so please do. Be conscious about how loud you are – you may let something slip that you didn’t want other people necessarily knowing.

4) Don’t be overconfident.

Confidence is a great thing, but when you have too much of it as college freshmen, you’re just asking for an upperclassman to put you back in your place. And trust me, you do not want to be put back in your place. Don’t worry though, once you become a junior it’ll be your turn to be overconfident


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