12 Tips For College Freshmen From College Seniors

12 Tips For College Freshmen From College Seniors
You're inevitably going to make mistakes as freshmen, but hopefully these tips you'll minimize the damage and enjoy your first year just a little bit more.

For most, college is a place where you go to essentially find yourself, especially amongst all the freshmen who are getting their first taste of independence. You’ll mature more in the four years of college than you did in your first 18, guaranteed. Unfortunately for us seniors, making mistakes as a freshman is part of the growing up process and it’s likely that you’re going to make plenty of mistakes throughout your first year. You’re inevitably going to make mistakes, but hopefully with these tips you’ll minimize the amount of damage you do, and enjoy your first year just a little bit more.

Here are University Primetime’s top 12 Tips for College Freshman from experienced seniors:

 12) Don’t be the freshman who’s wardrobe consists of 99% college apparel.

We know where you go to school already. Seriously, you’re already the underdog on campus, don’t flaunt the fact that you’re freshly out of high school barely able to buy cigarettes legally.

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11) Along the same lines, don’t be the freshman who only wears high school apparel.

I don’t care how ‘dope’ your letterman is, it isn’t anymore. Hang that bad boy up somewhere in your closet at home and save it for your future child because they’re the only ones who will actually care.

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10) And for the love of god, leave your school-provided lanyard in your backpack.

Nothing screams “Freshmen” like the free lanyard you got with your ID and key attached. It’s like a little leash. Ditch the lanyard and invest in a keychain.

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