The Top Colleges With The Most Attractive Students For This School Year

It’s that time of year again! The time where students are moving back into college!

Last year, our ranking for the colleges with the most attractive students made the news nationwide. We are excited to say that we have a NEW # 1 college that reigns supreme!

For our ranking this year, we decided that it was time to determine our ranking based on numerous variables.  We decided to really dig deep to see which college really does actually have the most attractive students.

The metrics we used to determine our Top 100 are the following:

1) How attractive their athletic teams are

2) How attractive their cheerleading/dance teams are

3) If they have been recognized nationally in the past for having an “attractive student body”

4) How many attractive celebrities graduated from certain universities

and lastly most important…

5) The opinions of students nationwide

Now here’s the Top 100:

100. Fort Hays State University


99. San Francisco State University


98. University of Nebraska Lincoln

97. Vanderbilt University

96. Fordham University

95. University of Maine

94. Pepperdine University


93. George Washington University

92. TCNJ


91. UC San Diego (UCSD)


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