19 Thoughts You Have When You’re Not Getting Laid

There’s a reason people are obsessed with sex. It’s not great all the time, but there’s something to be said about having another person touch you. Once you start hooking up with someone, it’s hard to stop but sometimes, a pause in your lovemaking life can’t be avoided.

At some point, we’ve all gone an uncomfortably long stretch of time without being intimate with another person. So, let’s be honest: droughts are terrible.

When you’re having it on a regular basis, intercourse is all you think about. It’s even worse when you aren’t getting laid.

Here are 19 thoughts you’ve had when you’re not getting laid

19. “I think I should invest in some pets, and maybe a frumpy sweater because that’s clearly where my life is heading.”


18. “Can I dance out my sexual frustration? Twerking to a Taylor Swift song doesn’t look desperate, does it?”


17. “When I’m awake, I’m thinking about hooking up. In my sleep, I have vivid dreams. I CAN’T ESCAPE.”

sex dreams


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