20 Facts About Hofstra University You Might Not Know (2)

10. Hofstra has its own breed of tulip.


9. Francis Ford Coppola graduated from Hofstra in 1959.


8. In 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. received an honorary degree from Hofstra. He later wrote to the university’s President, “I can assure you it is a privilege and an honour to be an alumnus of Hofstra.”


7. The North half of campus, the “residential” side, was originally Mitchel Air Force Base.


6. Philip Rosenthal, creator, writer and executive producer for Everybody Loves Raymond, graduated from Hofstra in 1981. One episode features Hofstra playing Northeastern University in football and you can also find the cast wearing Hofstra gear in various episodes!


5. Hofstra hosted the United States Presidential Debates in 2008 and 2012.


4. WRHU, Radio Hofstra University, is the only college radio station to be the flagship station for a professional sports team (the New York Islanders hockey team).


3. In 2008, members of the Hofstra community were invited to ring the opening bell at NASDAQ.


2. In 1968, James M. Shuart Stadium (Hofstra Stadium at the time) became the first stadium in the East to install Astroturf outdoors.


1. The New York Jets used Hofstra Stadium as the location for their summer training camp until 2008 when they moved to Florham Park in New Jersey.



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