20 Types Of Girls You See On A College Campus

Most girls like to brag that they’re not like other girls, but when you’re hanging around on a college campus, you’ll find that the opposite is more likely true.  Most girls are like other girls.  In fact, almost all of them fit into certain archetypes or stereotypes.

Pick a college, any college.  Go there and you’ll be sure to find these types of young women.  Some of them are relatively easy to spot.  Others, you’ll have to look at a little more closely to determine which category they fit in.

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20. The one who’s rebelling hardcore against her parents.

Maybe she had a very sheltered upbringing or maybe she’s just a brat.  Whatever the case may be, this girl is doing everything she can to go against her parents rules.  She drinks heavily, gets a tattoo, starts dating a total creep, and basically goes wild.  This can last anywhere from a few months to, well, forever.

19. The one who will hook up with anything that moves.

No judgement.  It’s just a fact.

18. The one who doesn’t drink or swear.

No one would really even notice that she doesn’t drink or swear, except that she always has to point it out.

17. The one who’s been dating the same guy since 9th grade.

At this point, she seems like she’s practically married.  She certainly acts like the patron saint of long term relationships and takes it upon herself to give relationship advice to everybody.

16. The one who’s “doing the long distance thing” with her high school boyfriend.

She always has to cancel on plans because of a Skype date with her boyfriend.  They usually fall asleep on Skype together, which is kind of cute, unless you’re this girl’s roommate.


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